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Sirius ceo karmazin dodges debacle After three decades as a power broker as adept at billion dollar deals as he was at managing a list personas like shock jock howard stern, last year karmazin faced the chance that his satellite radio company could go under, i never was in that position before, karmazin, 66, said at the reuters global media summit in big apple. “I was always a ceo of a very viable company and all you had to be concerned about was whether your revenue was up or down.You really didn’t have what was a risk for firm, one year after easing concerns that sirius might seek bankruptcy defense against its creditors, karmazin’s mood is main stream.Prospect additions rose in the third quarter and holiday sales of sirius xm radios are on track.There is however still plenty of risk left in sirius xm’s future for the dapper new york native to take on.His biggest immediate challenge is to boost their stock price above $1 before march 15, when sirius xm faces delisting by dow jones.Karmazin, who this month marks five years as leader of sirius, hopes this market will”Naturally”Drive the actual up, but says he will enact a change the order of stock split if he must, there’s no question about my biggest letdown(As top dog)Is the shareholder value that wasn’t created during five years that i have been there, he was quoted saying.Final december, sirius had about $1 billion in financial trouble due to mature in 2009, with there are deficiency of cash on hand to pay, and limited access to credit as the global financial trouble raged.The stock is here at 63 cents, up originating with a low of 5.2 cents in january.It do not come cheap:The deals gave liberty a 40 percentage point stake in sirius xm, with which contains 18.5 million prospects to its pay radio service.Talking with sternkarmazin also has to gear up to keep the top talent at sirius, which must prove that it is not the same as the many forms of audio entertainment such as ipods see results about pandora charms uk and free internet radio services like pandora.He has ’till the end of next year to re sign howard stern and until 2011 to renew a deal with oprah winfrey.Asked whether oprah or stern was the more robust negotiator, the veteran dealmaker quipped that both previously got the very best of him, i’ll let you who was the worst negotiator:It was always mel because got all that money from me, he was quoted saying.He is also mindful that being successful keeps his other perhaps scarier risk at bay:Golden age.Karmazin, who this month marks five years as leader of sirius, explained that when he left viacom in 2004 he didn’t know what he thought i’d do, and thus, he stayed both at home and helped his wife with household chores, i don’t picture myself looking home and folding sheets with my wife, he was quoted saying. “It’s not what i actually want to spend my time doing, if he is no longer working Pandora Gold Beadsat sirius, he would prefer to be involved in an business business, in addition than a large media company, so when my contract is up i’ll think of what i want to do but i certainly shouldn’t retire, he was quoted saying.Thomson reuters journalists are subject to an editorial handbook which requires fair public speaking event and disclosure of relevant interests.

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